PIZZA KING is quickly tasty and affordable.Kiev is a dynamic city and everyone is constantly hurrying for new opportunities. We took a step towards this need of the residents of the capital, and created a round-the-clock takeaway & delivery pizzeria.

We cook our pizza on real Italian tomatoes, which makes it taste perfect. We ourselves love pizza and know what you expect. Therefore, referring to us, you can count on our pizza and calzone:

• Cost inexpensively

• Fry steadily and quickly

• Delivered on time and around the clock

• Flawlessly satisfy hunger

• Prepare from quality fresh ingredients

• Contains exclusively Italian tomatoes

• Bake in a traditional oven incredibly fast


We will prepare your order in seven minutes and deliver in half an hour. Special conveyor furnaces allow you to bake pizza very quickly, which means that you no longer need to wait long for your order. Not all Kiev pizzerias boast of such quality and service as "PizzaKing"!

"Pizza King" is a dynamic network for active people. For our regular customers, we have developed a special internal currency - "King", which you receive with each order, if you are registered on our official website. These "money" can then be exchanged for your favorite food.We work for you around the clock and without days off.

Our 24-hour pizzeria is ready to feed everyone and please at any time of the day or night. Prices for our dishes are quite democratic, as, indeed, we are all! Delicious Kiev pizza is waiting for you in the shopping center Aushan Rive Gauche in Poznyaky. And also our king pizza can always be found and ordered without leaving home. To do this, select your favorite pizza on the site or call the delivery number. Waiting for you!

Try our pizza, become our king!