Women’s clothes Accessories


We took our first steps in March 2016. For more than 8 years of work, we managed to achieve, in our opinion, significant results. The family of young entrepreneurs Margarita Suprunov and Kyrylo Suprunov stands behind our own brand of women's clothing. It's a family business, it's our face and our love.

Few facts about us:

  • we have 11 stores across Ukraine
  • every day to improve the quality of service and product, we spend at least 10 hours of life;
  • our Instagram account grew from 0 to 433,000 followers in 8 years;
  • our products are used by more than 73,000 people worldwide;
  • a huge office and sewing workshop of more than 530 m2;
  • we are admired by more than 100 bloggers, stars and opinion leaders;
  • per week we sew over 2,500 items of products especially for you.

How did we achieve this?

We just love our business and do not try to copy anyone, on the contrary, we make a product that other manufacturers are copying. But you will not find worthy analogues, because our "mother of the brand" develops unprecedented models, searches for the best samples of fabrics and lace personally.

Waiting for you in our stores:

  • Quality products of our production
  • Affordable and loyal prices
  • Wide size mesh from XS to XXXL
  • A diverse range of products: dresses, suits, T-shirts, tops, shirts, embroidered shirts, skirts, outerwear, home wear
  • Quality and individual service

We do all this so that you feel perfect in any place and under any conditions.

Love yourself and pamper yourself with beauty from Maritel'.