Women’s clothes


CHER'17 - a chain of stores in Tetyany Parfiljeva. I chose a team of professionals and at the same time, I casually worked on the creations of the CHER'17 damp line. CHER'17 - merezha, as it has been on the market for more than 4 years, but we have been able to win the hearts of fashionistas in Ukraine and the rich countries of the world over the course of this period. Our assortment is known in popular social media and girls with a good taste cannot go through our selections.


In the creation of new collections, we invest all the energy and creative potential. The assortment of the catalog is updated regularly, new collections are on the police line of the leather shop every new month. To that end, you should know that the pick-up in our store is not difficult. Radimo vibirati brannya z harnim mood - tse zaporuka far away purchases.


Our women's clothes are available for everyone without a fault. Aje yak, good luck for the girl, come rich, what was worthy, at a reasonable price! Our products are sold all over Ukraine, the lands of the SND and the world. We have a lot of wholesale and retail customers. Our stores are represented in several places in Ukraine: Kiev - 4 stores, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zhytomyr. The price is the best assessment of our trademark.