Zolotiy Vіk

Zolotyi Vik FASHION is a new format of Zolotyi Vik jewelry stores. You will be pleasantly surprised by the innovatively designed showcases and the brightly stylized FASHION zone, which is the pride of the brand. Special zoning separates the collections by style and content.


The ambassador of the Zolotoy Vek brand is the incredible singer Nastya Kamenskikh, who personifies youth trends, modern style and a unique vision of beauty. The Golden Age calls to love and be loved, and most importantly - to feel, because in our feelings we are truly beautiful.


The brand presents over 2 500 gold jewelry with diamonds and other precious stones. At the same time, the key focus is on the collections, which are must-haves for the Summer/Fall 2021 season. Among them are laconic Flow, geometric Accent, harmonious Wind, light Bubbles and ethnic Monisto.


In addition, for the convenience of customers, a unique area for trying on jewelry with an interactive showcase has been created, where you can get acquainted with a wider assortment and order items that are not presented in the store.


Choose your style and complement your look with the Zolotyi Vik FASHION.


Zolotyi Vik -- feelings beautify!