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Household Products


The USUPSO brand hails from Tokyo, one of the world's capitals of contemporary design and innovation. The brand concept is "Japanese brand of goods for a vibrant life."

The USUPSO team is confident that every day should be not only comfortable, but also fun. And daily routines can turn into exciting adventures with the extraordinary USUPSO products.

It is important for us that every time you take out a cosmetic bag or purse from your purse, you smile, so that you want to take a beautiful lunch box to study or to the office, do not forget to pour water into a personal bottle. We want you to be pleased to get your original notebook, tuck your hair in a beautiful hairpin, so that your travels are comfortable and interesting. And also so that you know for sure that USUPSO will always help you out if you need to give a cool and useful gift, for which they will say “Wow! thanks!".