Where to look for gadgets and accessories of your dreams? Of course, in Citrus! Today, we share a vibrant mood in a network of stores across Ukraine, the online store, personal transport rental points and high-quality service centers.
And also we offer you really favorable conditions for the purchase of heavy machinery. After all, we always have a lot of special offers and incredible discounts!
Citrus in the Lavina Mall Mall is divided into several zones. In the Smart Home, you can find smart devices for your home, and in Fitness and Health you need gadgets to help you get to a healthy lifestyle. Test the coolest audio gadgets at the dedicated Music Bar!
Look for a true fan in the VR & Entertainment area, and be sure to choose action cameras in Photos & Videos for those who enjoy outdoor activities. You will also find incredible personal transportation and more.
Welcome to the kids. Not only do we have a 3D creativity department where the true magic of 3D is living. There is also a large children's entertainment area. Have the kids play while you choose your dream device!