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Sandalet is stylish and, no less important, the right shoes
for children. What do we mean when we say “right”
children's shoes:
-Genuine Leather. After all, it is advisable to choose shoes
for your kids from natural materials, in this case the leg
breathes and feels absolutely comfortable.
- instep support. The presence of a shock-absorbing
cushion is a must, as it supports the arch of the foot which
is necessary for the growing leg. It also relieves fatigue in
the legs and, most importantly, contributes to the
anatomical formation of children's feet.
- backdrop. Any shoe for a child under 3 years old must
have a heel counter. It is the best to choose a heel that is
higher for maximum fixation of the leg while walking.
- outsole. Children's shoes cannot have smooth, sliding or
hard soles - they must be light and grooved. At the same
time, the outsole for the street in children's shoes should be
tougher and stronger in comparison with home or indoor
- the size. It is always important to choose exactly the right
size of a particular shoe for a child. And the correct shoe
size for the child will be the exact foot size and 0,5 + 1cm.
But what regarding the shoes of 2 or even 3 sizes larger is
highly discouraged.
Sandalet is the place where your child can always find the
right and stylish shoes. You can always be sure that in this
store you can always find what you need. Orthopedic shoes
are not only about problematic feet, but also prevention that
will help the feet of your children feel in complete comfort
and health care!
Welcome to the world of the right stylish orthopedic
children's shoes!