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Body Shop

The Body Shop - original, British-born, activist cosmetics brand. The Body Shop has a heritage in producing inspiring ingredient stories that deliver a sensorial experience, combined with fantastic performance. The Body Shop products are 100% vegetarian and over half of them are vegan. They draw on the wealth and wisdom of the natural world and its cultures, unexpected ingredients and rituals.  


The Body Shop was founded by entrepreneur Dame Anita Roddick, when in 1976 she started selling around 25 hand-mixed naturally inspired products with minimal packaging from one small shop in Brighton, England.  Today, with 3,000 stores in 76 countries, The Body Shop is a truly global beauty brand, that seeks to make a positive difference in the world by offering high-quality, naturally inspired skincare, hair care and make-up, produced ethically and sustainably. 


The Body Shop offers a range of 800 products, made with respect for the world we live in and a commitment to trading fairly and sustainably. The Body Shop products are 100% cruelty-free and help people - especially women and girls - to feel positive and proud about themselves, their bodies, their futures. The brand uses high quality natural ingredients – such as tea tree, shea and ginger – ethically and responsibly grown and bought and turns them into innovative products.  


The Body Shop in Ukraine will offer its globally recognized and iconic products such as Shea Body Butter, Tea Tree Oil, Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo as well as skin care favourites Himalayan Charcoal Facial Mask and Drops of Youth Concentrate. 

The Body Shop was the first international cosmetics brand to tackle the issue of animal testing for cosmetic purposes and gathered consumer support for a UK-wide ban in 1998 followed by European ban 2013. In 2017, the brand launched ‘Forever Against Animal Testing’, the biggest campaign to call for a ban on animal testing in cosmetics products and ingredients, everywhere and forever. Together with their partner Cruelty Free International, the brand gathered over 8 million signatures, taken to the United Nations to campaign for change.

The Body Shop was also the first cosmetics retailer to operate a programme dedicated to trading fairly – Community Fair Trade – back in 1987. They aim to form long-term trade partnerships with expert producer groups who share their ambition to create positive social change.  Today the brand sources high quality ingredients but also gift, accessory and packaging items from a number of suppliers around the world. Last year, The Body Shop introduced a new innovative supply chain into the Community Fair Trade program - recycled plastic sourced from waste pickers in Bengaluru, India. 


The Body Shop in Ukraine will launch with a brand-new store concept, only available in a few cities across the world at this stage. The store is an interactive ‘activist workshop’ that encourages visitors to explore products and discover how, together, we can fight for a fairer and more beautiful world.  With this store concept, The Body Shop continues its passion of being forward thinking and environmentally progressive. The store has been outfitted with sustainable fixtures like reclaimed wood and recycled plastics to help minimize its environmental footprint. Examples include a metal facade constructed in aluminium, which is eco-friendly material as it requires less energy production than other materials and are infinitely recyclable. The store also boasts worktop surfaces that are manufactured from 100% recycled material destined for landfill. 


The Body Shop’s friendly, knowledgeable store staff will be on-hand to help shoppers experience and play with products like never before. Staff will be happy to offer expert advice, personalized makeovers and body care, skincare and hair care consultations.