You are the main character of your life
30 01 2024

Collection: JOCKEY

A collection that makes you the heroine of your best movie. A true journey into the past that lives in modern fashion. In the center of the plot is a story about your uniqueness. The manifestation of your charisma, freedom and unrestrained movement led to such a conceptual idea. The designers were inspired by the edgy aesthetics of the wild west and cinematic adventures.


It is about the feeling of a warm sunset on the skin and a pleasant wind, about the contemplation of a dense forest on the horizon. About the sweet anticipation of adventures where you are the main character. Dark shades of silhouettes play with mystery and intrigue. It's like you're in a cinematic moment. The emotions you feel in the embrace of nature are breathtaking. Such is the nature of a woman - wild, freedom-loving, exciting.


The images convey the atmosphere of social entertainment, horse riding, slowing down time and focusing on the moment. Accents of jockey aesthetics, which are associated with the style of female riders:

  • brown leather dresses
  • vests and corsets with an emphasized waist,
  • trouser suits with ties,
  • maxi cotton trench coats and short leather trench coats with basque.

The color of brown skin is a color that reveals itself in the light in a new way. And the nobility of the shade is especially captivating in the evening. Beckons with a mysterious connection of peace and luxury. When instead of words - pleasure for the eyes. When your image is a timeless conversation. It's as if you know a secret that is available only to those who immerse themselves in the depths of this aesthetic.


The derby style is also inspired by the iconic image of Princess Diana. It has special fans, tempting with its composure. The expression of classic taste is embodied in leather, knitted and suede products. It is these textures that benefit from sophisticated design and convenience. Cuts and lines vary from fitted silhouettes to loose shapes. The color palette of dark tones gives images retro charm and mystery.


The collection radiates confidence, grace and nobility, which are characteristic of the historical images of the era of the equestrian elite.