Security measure from the State Emergency Service
30 01 2024

We invite you to a safety event by the State Emergency Service, which will be held in Lavina on February 4!

Basic knowledge of situations, how to act during an air alert, how to recognize explosive objects or methods of providing first aid are critically important in our time. Therefore, together with the State Emergency Service, the National Police and representatives of the Black Cross, we are organizing a free security event for visitors to the shopping center on February 4.

In Lavina, the locations will work in parallel:

▪️ Safety in your own home - lecturers will tell you how to quickly deal with a fire, how to act during an evacuation or an air alarm.

▪️ Mine safety - let's talk about how to recognize explosive objects and what you should never do.

▪️ Pre-medical assistance from the Red Cross - we will analyze the methods and methods of providing medical assistance.

▪️ Self-regulation, stress and methods of combating it - together with an expert, we will discuss how to help yourself or your loved ones in a stressful situation. Banana's psychologist dog will also be on location.

▪️ Juvenile and patrol police - we will remember traffic rules and discuss how to protect yourself in situations where your rights are violated.

▪️ The photo zone with contests is a location where every visitor can try on items from the rescuer's equipment and even a chemical suit.

📍 All locations will be open on February 4 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Lavina shopping center.

Join, because this is basic knowledge that can save the life of you or your loved ones!