New Year's collection GARDEN from SOVA
28 12 2022

On trend again: SOVA reinterprets semi-precious stones in the new GARDEN collection.

The SOVA jewelry house gave a new sound to semi-precious colored stones in the New Year's GARDEN jewelry collection.

The collection combines five types of minerals of different cuts — topaz, amethyst, citrine, chrysolite and morganite.

"In recent years, jewelry made of semi-precious stones has undeservedly lost its popularity. But now the trend is rapidly returning in the collections of global brands. We are incredibly inspired by the fact that SOVA, as a Ukrainian jewelry brand-trendsetter, can return the popularity of semi-precious stones through modern forms and stylish combinations " - says Anna Koval, Director of Marketing and Sales of SOVA.

The collection includes stones in trendy colors, which jewelers gave shapes with modern cuts. Each insert has modern and concise shaped casts, thanks to which the SOVA art team emphasized the uniqueness of the shape of each mineral.

Stones have acquired a new sound in rings, earrings, as well as necklaces and bracelets, which are made of a rigid base and movable elements with the help of which the size and length can be adjusted. Some jewelry combines several types of stones with different cut shapes, and the collection also includes necklaces and bracelets with one large stone.

Each mineral requires a special approach, because their hardness varies significantly on the Mohs Scale, but working with different stones and shapes is an opportunity for SOVA craftsmen to show their jewelry art.