The new Winterized collection from PUMA
18 10 2023

The TVORCHI band and Yuliya Sanina present the new Winterized collection from PUMA


The traditional Winterized winter collection from the PUMA brand returns to the city streets. This year, Winterized has combined a wide range of winter clothes, shoes, updated models and quality materials for maximum comfort in any temperature. And for comfortable shopping, the collection is divided into prime and core. Both of them focus on versatile models of hoodies, sweatpants and down jackets in bright shades.


The ambassadors of the Winterized collection were the Ukrainian band TVORCHI and the frontwoman of The Hardkiss band Yuliya Sanina, who this year represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest in different roles, but at the same high level. Every artist knows firsthand the importance of combining stylish design and comfort in the fast pace between moves, rehearsals and concerts. This combination and feeling of comfort in the coldest winter days became the basis of Winterized.


In the new Winterized video campaign, the ambassadors become a tandem that broadcasts a story about sincere emotions from simple and familiar entertainments that bring joy, even in the coldest temperatures. And at the same time, it proves that winter clothes can easily balance between quality, comfort and bright shades.