A romantic date with the band Latexfauna
15 10 2023

Researchers, we invite everyone to a romantic date with the band Latexfauna on October 28 at Lavina.

Latexfauna is a famous Ukrainian band. Their music is so light and vibey that it's almost impossible to resist dancing to these songs. We don't promise lime skies at Lavina, but it will be as hot as it is only during Latexfauna concerts!

In addition to the band's performance, as part of the "Energy of Unity" action in Lavina, visitors will be treated to a lecture by representatives of the Onslaught Fund and a raffle of gifts from our partners, including Apple equipment from YABLUKA!

The "Energy of Unity" campaign has a charitable goal: together with our friends from the Onslaught Foundation, we plan to collect UAH 1,000,000 for the purchase of the MILES system, which is a set of laser emitters and receivers that help simulate real combat encounters.


Repeat your favorite songs and see you on October 28 at 15:00 near the main stage of the shopping center!

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