Thanks to Lavina Mall
07 09 2022

Dear colleagues!
We sincerely thank you for your support in organizing useful activities on the territory of Lavina Mall. We are the only shopping center in Ukraine that has resumed offline marketing activities. We are grateful to you for participating in the implementation of this difficult, but extremely important task. Galaxy Amusement Park, Multiplex, Librarium, Akvarel, Back to School - you are incredible.
On the first weekend of September, it was thanks to you that we managed to organize a holiday for all children, which is surprisingly important in such difficult times. Thank you for sharing a common message with us: despite the war, Ukrainian children should not forget what childhood is like with all its joys, discoveries and surprises. Last weekend, together with you - our partners - Galaxy Amusement Park, Akvarel and Librarium - we organized an event with gifts for families who were forced to temporarily leave their homes due to the war. Guests visited the welcome zone with cotton candy, saw the performance of the "Pup Patrol" theater on the main stage of the mall, took part in the drawing of 20 backpacks from Akvarel, 30 certificates from Librarium and 50 certificates to the Galaxy amusement park.
Among our joint important initiatives are first aid trainings, which will take place within the walls of Lavina Mall. War requires everyone to be prepared for any eventuality. Prepared means saved.
The holding of all these events became possible only thanks to our fruitful cooperation.
Thank you for your activity! We are always happy to support your initiatives. Together we can do more.
Everything will be Ukraine!
Take care of yourself and your loved ones.