Special project of the ZARINA Jewelry House
05 09 2022

We present to you a special project of the ZARINA Jewelry House, in which we will tell the stories of three women who radically changed their destinies by choosing the path of protecting Ukraine.
Meet: volunteer Ksenia, sniper Yevgenia and soldier Shura.
Like millions of Ukrainians, Ksenia, Shura and Yevgenia lived an ordinary life until February 24: loved ones, work, friends, hobbies... But that morning changed everything forever. Now our heroines live every day for the sake of others, having chosen a difficult fate: to help, protect, protect.
To thank every woman who fights for our country, we will transfer 24% of the sales of jewelry from the ZIRKA collection to the "Zemlyachki" fund, which is dedicated to providing for the needs of women in the ranks of the Armed Forces. Yes, once again, the sacred star Alatyr will preserve the fate of Ukrainians and protect them.

Support defenders with ammunition:
5457082222685591 (K. Draganiuk)
PayPal: zemlyachky@gmail.com

Fate - to protect!
Destiny - to win!


Also, here is a full description of the projecthttps://zarina.ua/news/specprojekt-iuvelirnoho-domu-zarina-dolia-%E2%80%94-oberihaty.-zinky-v-zsu