Lavina Mall is the winner of the Ukrainian Business Award
15 12 2022

Lavina Mall, despite the war, continues to win prestigious awards. Among the latter is the Ukrainian BusinessAward in the "Visitors' Choice 2022" nomination.

Taking care of guests and satisfying their needs — from high-quality shopping to rich recreation — is the priority of Lavina Mall. After the war, as soon as the security situation allowed, the shopping and entertainment center resumed its activities, taking into account the requirements of the time.

Among the features of the Ukrainian Business Award are a unique method of analytical research, qualified specialists in the field of financial analytics, the use of data from proven sources for objective evaluation and determination of the winner. The best company is chosen from among more than 60,000 nominees.

Selection within the award consists of three stages. The first is to gather data about the company by analyzing information from over a hundred reliable sources. 99 types of activities in four market segments are monitored. At the second stage, experts in the field of analytics, finance and economics examine the information about the company in detail. These are entries in the registers, and the company's position in the market, and the study of risks, and consideration of the type of activity and segmentation in which it competes. At the third stage, judges of the UBA project conduct an independent evaluation, taking into account three criteria: the company's finances, its positioning on the market, and analysis of risk factors.

Ukrainian Business Award not only informs consumers about quality business on the market, but also forms fair and high-quality competition in the Ukrainian business environment. Lavina Mall appreciates the judges' evaluation, because it has been consistently maintaining a high bar in its work for six years. During this time, within the walls of Lavina Mall, the largest shopping and entertainment center in the country, stores of long-awaited brands (among them H&M), grand concerts and meetings with stars took place. Galaxy Park is located on the territory of the shopping center - one of the largest indoor amusement parks in Europe. Lavina Mall promptly responds to the demands of the times: during the coronavirus pandemic, the shopping center started conducting online raffles, during the war, on the occasion of its own birthday, it collected a million hryvnias for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The UkrainianBusiness Award independent analytical research method is a high evaluation of the work of the entire team of the shopping and entertainment center. For Lavina Mall, this is an incentive to continue to improve and develop for the comfort and bright emotions of its visitors.