INTERTOP and UNITED24 charity collection
13 12 2022

Support fundraising for "Defense and demining" by UNITED24 and INTERTOP.

100% of the profit from the sale of the patriotic collection will be transferred to the direction "Defense and demining" through UNITED24.

The collection "The Power of Freedom" was created jointly with UNITED24 and INTERTOP and is already available on the website, as well as in the mobile application and in INTERTOP stores.

About the collection: Since the President of Ukraine recorded a video in a t-shirt with the slogan UNITED24 — The Power of Freedom — our mail and social networks have been flooded with letters asking where to buy one. So we teamed up with INTERTOP and the UNITED24 collection is now available in the brand's stores.

All profit from the sale will be transferred to the direction "Defense and demining". So T-shirts, hoodies and shopping bags of The Power of Freedom will become not just a symbol of the unity of Ukrainians and all those who support Ukraine, but a contribution to victory.