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27 12 2023

Bird dance: a limited edition gift capsule from the jewelry house SOVA.

On the eve of the winter holidays, pleasant surprises help create a festive mood every day. Therefore, today we are pleased to present a capsule of gifts, created according to the pattern of the ornament of the embroidered towel of Eastern Podillia of the 20th century. from the collection of the Ivan Honchar Museum.

It depicts a flight of birds — a rare case in ornament when the pattern can be interpreted as a "scene" where two hens are walking, each with a chick, and a rooster between them.

The ornament depicts a dance, "dance" in the local way. This rare pattern is not traditionally Christmas, but we have reimagined it and adapted it for the winter holidays.

The image of a bird in folk culture symbolizes well-being, family fire and coziness. Therefore, all products are created to preserve family warmth and Ukrainian cultural heritage with love.