Results of the year and a report on cooperation with the Offensive Fund
27 12 2023

We sum up the results of the year and report on our cooperation with the Attack Fund!

In June of this year, we launched a charity initiative together with the Nastu Foundation. Its goal was to raise funds to purchase the MILES system, which is a set of laser emitters and receivers that help simulate real combat encounters.

Thanks to such systems, our guardsmen improve the level of their tactical training, because the equipment makes it possible to bring the conditions as close as possible to real combat.

Together with you, as part of the "Energy of Unity" events, we managed to collect and transfer UAH 1,000,000 to the fund. All funds are sent to the Onslaught Fund and work to support NSU.

Thank you to everyone who joined the collection, donated or shared information. And we thank our partners from the Onslaught Fund and U-Force for their important work and constant assistance to the fighters!

Well, there are still many cool initiatives ahead, so stay tuned.