Opening of AVIATOR at Lavina Mall
22 12 2023

Welcome to the new premium clothing store AVIATOR in Lavina Mall! 

AVIATOR is a special place for shopping that allows you to immerse yourself in the world of military style and helps express your individuality through clothing with a story. Since its establishment in 2017 and until today, the store has earned unquestionable respect and trust from over 10,000 customers.


Its main mission is to provide Ukrainians with the opportunity to purchase quality branded clothing at European prices. 

AVIATOR is the official distributor of many globally recognized brands such as Aeronautica Militare, Bomboogie, Schott NYC, Cockpit USA, Invicta, La Martina, Navigare, and others.


In the store, you will find a wide range of high-quality clothing for men and women, as well as friendly consultants who are always happy to provide personal advice on models and help you create the perfect look.


We look forward to meeting you at the new AVIATOR store - a place where fashion successfully combines with military restraint and becomes a way to express your uniqueness!

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