Birthday of Lavina Mall and Galaxy Park: 3 years of wins
16 12 2019

The largest shopping and entertainment center of Ukraine Lavina Mall and the Galaxy family-owned amusement park celebrated their third birthday. The evening was hosted by concerts and DJ networks, 3D shows, contests, raffles and surprisingly pleasant surprises.


On the main stage, the main hits were performed by the band "Lyapis-98", which filled the driving rhythms of the Lavina Mall. In addition, guests were entertained by KHAYAT, BARABANOVA, Rumbero's, Elizabeth Bayrak. Exciting speeches were interrupted only by no less exciting surprises from the mall and partners. In particular, during the holiday, Lavina Mall has renovated a two-room apartment under renovation in Gostomel Residence. So, someone will celebrate the New Year holidays in a new cozy home!

But Lavina Mall took care not only about the visitors - it also noted fruitful cooperation with its partners. This time, the tenants of the shopping malls were nominated for the Lavina Awards 2019. The opening of the year, which was most awaited and impressed with an interesting concept, was the shop of ALL. In the event “Event shoop”, which competed the brands that organized the most significant events, the award was given to Under Armor for the event with Vasyl Lomachenko. But the title "Event-friend", which was fought by the stores that spent the largest budget in marketing activity, was awarded the IOn Galaxy Amusement Park nominated as the "Entertainment Center of the Year for Children" within the honorary international festival-competition "Choice of the Year 2019".


The winners and tenants with the largest commodity turnover were awarded: the category "Fashion" - Vovk, "Electronics Store" - "Citrus", "Jewelry" - SOVA, "Cosmetics and perfumery" - INGLOT, "Giant of trade" - ZARA. Establishing a new level of quality in the retail market is a task that Lavina Mall successfully accomplishes through its established collaboration with the Panthers - leading global and Ukrainian brands.


Together with Lavina Mall, 120,000 guests celebrated their birthday. An evening filled with music and gifts will remain in everyone's memory and encourage the mall to overtake new peaks. Ahead, there are many vivid music and sporting events, many vocal discoveries and surprises. Before meeting!