Winter at il Molino!
16 12 2019

Well, tired of waiting? We have a new seasonal menu: mouth-watering, unusual and truly winter - everything as you like! Try the original bruschetta with coke and pine cones, tender chicken liver pate with cranberry jelly, real Nicoise salad with tuna and Minestrone's favorite vegetable soup. Pasta lovers will appreciate the ravioli with meat and pickled mushrooms and tagliatelle with curry. What about pizza? From the new one: “Fiorenza” with smoked chicken and zucchini fillet, “Catania” with mozzarella and coke. And if you are hungry, we will offer a baked duck leg in a cherry sauce with vegetables. And, of course, one can’t do without a dessert: wafer twix of cakes (at home!) And exotic tangerine panna cotta. Come visit us on frosty days: we will warm you with chocolate and almond lattes, and also with fruit teas and aromatic punch.

See you at il Molino! It’s best to wait for the upcoming holidays!

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