Anarchy in Fashion: Top 5 Grunge Style Boots by PAZOLINI
13 12 2019

The tenderness of the image is easily emphasized by one very important contrasting detail - grunge-style boots. They will add a touch of rebellion to the sophisticated look or will be the final touch to an already bold bow.

There is no reception that more clearly and unobtrusively emphasizes femininity - in contrast to the coarse shoes, the legs look even more fragile, the outfit - more thoughtful and whole.

This PAZOLINI model with lacing and rivets is in harmony with massive belts and large jewelry. A low heel makes shoes comfortable in everyday wear, and metal details give a special rebellious charm.

PAZOLINI boots with a zipper finish and perforation are even more bold version of grunge shoes - this model will definitely attract attention and inform about the owner’s lively disposition. The tongue, which is full of rivets, will easily replace accessories and will become the main emphasis in the image.

Shoes with decor in the form of straps are not only practical, but also a very stylish shoe move. Due to the high lacing, the model sits on its leg like a glove, and creates a fatal image exclusively with the help of the right details. Boots are perfect for outfits with a leather trench coat or a feminine coat and a black leather waist bag.

The free bootleg of this model creates a relaxed mood and, as it were, hints that the street style icons are in no hurry for the rush. The edging in the form of a zipper and a soft belt in contrast with the massive flow of the model look elegant and feminine.

The minimalist design of these PAZOLINI boots makes them a versatile soldier in the service of a stylish wardrobe. A large sole protector will not let you forget about the grunge mood of the image, and the combination of different skin textures becomes the highlight of the model. Shoes look great in a duet with tights in a large mesh or with a print.


Stylish grunge boots for every taste and weather are easy to find in the nearest PAZOLINI store or online boutique.



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