Sensitivity palette in new AUBADE lines
18 11 2019


Tenderness and passion, meekness and self-confidence - this is exactly the mix of feelings Aubade is preparing in its new lines Courbes Divines and Poesie d’Orient. The whole gamut of romance and temptation is woven into the finest canvas of exquisite linen.


The frank line of Courbes Divines, whose name translates as “Divine Curves”, is designed to adorn the female body and emphasize the beauty of outstanding forms. Black lace on a pink substrate creates an amazing feeling of the depth of the product, due to which all strategically important points seem more voluminous and rounded. The translucent material leaves a place for imagination, and the delicate lace edges of the products seem to merge with the skin in an ardent dance of feminine seduction. The line includes 6 bras, 3 types of panties and a luxurious combination.


The Poesie d’Orient line is sensuality and tenderness under a veil of piquant desires. Here, charming floral motifs live on a delicate mesh and lace the color of sparkling champagne. The combination of black petals and golden fabric looks advantageous on the skin of any shade. The line is represented by three types of panties and four elegant bras.