Tommy Life Children's Birthday Party
30 01 2024

We invite parents and children to a children's party on the occasion of Tommy Life's birthday at Lavina on February 3.

Such a family weekend will be remembered with good impressions, because children will not only spend time with you, but also meet their favorite characters from cartoons, learn how to make candles with their own hands under the supervision of adults, and receive gifts from our partners!

Detailed timing of the event:

◾️ 15:00–17:00: Animation program with heroes and presentation of gifts near the main stage of the mall: branded badge, marshmallows, juice and certificate for free entertainment in the children's game room

◾️ 15:30-17:00: Aquagrim on the second floor next to Tommy Life

◾️ 17:00–18:00: Candle-making workshop "Giving warmth together with Tommy Life"

Participation in the master class is free for children's room visitors!

Come and create fond family memories with Tommy Life and Lavina.

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