New collections Geometry and Fashion "Golden age"
25 03 2021

Collection "Geometry" - the main trend of the season!

Start with minimalism: choose jewellery that suits you best in style, shape and colour. Let it be a simple ring or small earrings.

As soon as the strict shapes and lines become familiar to you, decide on more daring experiments! Take a closer look at massive diamond-shaped earrings or a large necklace based on triangles of different shapes and sizes. The main thing is to remember that geometric jewellery is a very "independent" product of other shapes and styles.

The trick of geometric jewellery is that no matter how simple your outfit is, it instantly gives it a special twist. So get ready to put your math skills into fashion and feel free to choose the look of your outfit.


"The Fashion" collection is unique and exclusive!

To refresh familiar looks: just add bright accessories and jewellery to them.

Heavy link chains are the hit of the season.

They will suit both romantic looks and jeans and bicycles, which are breaking popularity records this year.

Hoop earrings are a basic piece of jewellery that will perfectly suit almost any style. And do not forget to put your hair in a ponytail so that it does not cover such jewellery beauty.

Feminine quartz and mother-of-pearl jewellery are back in fashion with renewed vigour. For those who are looking for something more noticeable, we advise you to take a closer look at products with these types of inserts.

Coin-shaped pendants were popular last summer and have confidently migrated into the current season. For greater effect, I advise you to combine them together with other pendants of different lengths.