Lavin's Unity Energy
10 08 2023

In August, Lavina will be dominated by the wild and crazy "Energy of Unity", which Ruslana will charge us with.

August is a special month for our country, when we are truly overwhelmed by the energy of unity and the feeling that together we can do anything. So the events in August are special!

On August 26, a lecture and interactives from the Onslaught Foundation, Ruslana's speech and raffles for gifts from our partners, including iPhone 14 from iPeople, will await you.

And simply, at Lavina, we plan to set a record for the largest number of wishes written by children on the flag of Ukraine for our defenders. Come with your little one from August 18 to 25 to Lavina, look for the flag at the check-in counter next to Galaxy Park and join together in an important initiative. By the way, for their sincere congratulations, each child will also receive a promotional code for one ride at Galaxy.

The "Energy of Unity" campaign has a charitable goal: together with our friends from the Onslaught Foundation, we plan to collect UAH 1,000,000 for the purchase of the MILES system, which is a set of laser emitters and receivers that help simulate real combat encounters.

We will meet on August 26 at 3:00 p.m. near the main stage of the shopping center next to the fountain.

Spend your last summer weekend driving and profitably at Lavina!

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