The power of culture: SOVA jewelry house presented the CULTURE jewelry collection
04 08 2023

The new CULTURE collection from SOVA reflects the power of Ukrainian culture in jewelry.

Spikelet of yellow gold, as if ripened under the hot August sun, they have acquired various shapes and curves in jewelry. The earrings are reproduced in the form of a circle, slightly curved lines, and the spikelet on the bracelet reproduces the curve of the hand and fits perfectly on the wrist. A special feature of the collection is a spikelet-shaped brooch with diamonds. It is a symbol that has lived in the history of Ukrainians for centuries and has become the embodiment of Ukrainian culture’s power.

To reflect the power of culture in jewelry, the SOVA art team depicted spikelet as accented, steadfast and strong. Ever since history, the spikelet is a symbol of fertile land, harvest and bread, which supported families and whole generations. And now Ukrainian wheat, as a culture, gives life to people far beyond the borders of Ukraine. This is the power of culture that can be felt all over the world. Golden spikes are a reminder of the strength of the earth, its roots and unbreakable life that will always sprout and make its way.

The collection includes 8 diamond jewels in yellow gold — earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, rings, and a brooc