Lavina Mall - seven years: uniting for Victory
21 11 2023

On December 2, the country's largest shopping and entertainment center — Lavina Mall — will celebrate its seventh birthday. This event is designed to remind the guests of the shopping center about the achievements of this year, which would not be possible without them. About the charitable actions that Lavina Mall organized within the framework of "Energy of Unity", accumulating funds for the defense of the country, in particular, in the "Onslaught Fund". About the fact that, united, it is easier to help.

On this day, a grand concert will be held in the shopping center with the participation of stars who supported the "Energy of Unity" campaign in 2023. Guests can expect performances by DEMCHUK, Alena Omargalieva, KADNAY, "Skryabin", SHUMEI, TVORCHI, Anna Trincher, Ruslana and Kozak Sustem. The general partner of the holiday — YABLUKA — will be raffling off Apple equipment, including iPhone 15 and laptops. In addition, other partners of the shopping and entertainment center prepared gifts for visitors.

Last year, Lavina Mall abandoned the birthday celebration, focusing solely on helping. Together with the guests of the shopping center, he collected a million hryvnias and bought a resuscitation car, which was donated to the Markus Foundation. During this year, Lavina Mall held several campaigns that helped to purchase the necessary equipment for the army. On December 2, the shopping and entertainment center invites everyone to visit to thank each other and remind them of the main thing.

Incendiary emotions, warmth of unity and invincible energy — this holiday will be remembered by all guests of Lavina Mall! Together, we are ready to implement the boldest ideas. Before meeting!

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