MIRACLE NIGHT Choose yourself. The real one
05 12 2023

You are free and real. How do you do

You are real when you want to embrace the world

Real when you dare to wear a red dress

When you work concentratedly before a vacation

When you run to get gifts for your relatives at the last moment

When you feel happiness in little things

Real in anticipation of the New Year's atmosphere

Real on the way to the desired dream

You are the real thing when you choose Gepur


The evening collection is made of satin fabric, which has a matte and noble shine: dresses, jackets, corsets, blouses, sets with pants and skirts. This makes it possible to combine different images. Satin is a soft material that hugs the body, giving a feeling of luxury.


Laconic black color was used the most. There is the addition of a beige-nude shade. Accent positions: red and the color of the sea wave. The models are decorated with ostrich feathers, reminiscent of a playful charm.


Also presented are suits in knits with flared sleeves, sheath dresses in chunky knits, dresses in butter,  silhouettes with neat necklines and translucent sequined mesh.