Kiss first: SOVA brand presented the KISS KISS jewelry collection for Valentine's Day
03 02 2022

For Valentine's Day, SOVA jewelry brand presented a festive collection KISS KISS. It is about the fact that where there are feelings, even compromises are not required. At the center of every KISS KISS piece is a non-classical heart, like the sketch at the end of a letter of acceptance. Not ideal, but real and sincere, which is love itself.


KISS KISS is a cocktail of creative infantilism with light notes of rebellious grunge and frankness. Earrings, necklaces and rings made of yellow and white gold were complemented with fragile movable chains. You can remove them from earrings and create new combinations. The collection is dynamic, like the story of your feelings - acquaintance, first kiss, passion and, finally, a jump into the depths, where you can endlessly get to know each other ...


The rebellious character of KISS KISS is accentuated by inclusions of black enamel. Black is a color without color, absorbing just like love. It is associated with confidence, calmness and sexuality, and in combination with golden hearts in KISS KISS jewelry, it looks a little more daring. Just like the heroine of the shoot — model, stylist and SOVA ambassador Anastasia Kucherenko, whose masculine features and cold beauty emphasize the mood and message of the collection. The image of the model is in conflict with the standard image of a romantic heroine. She is confident, self-sufficient, sometimes brash, passionate, knows how to keep her boundaries and show her rebellious nature.


The mood of the shooting is cold pink: sweet, but not too tart, fresh, like the February air. After all, love sometimes pinches, tickles, it is uncomfortable. However, it is worth showing perseverance - and sincere inspiration and admiration for each other will remain.

Kiss Kiss,


You can view the collection at the link: