"Make the world beautiful - tell your story." Competition
02 02 2022

You two have been waiting for this moment for a long time.


When everyone is convinced that the same person is nearby, it remains only to take the decisive step. Someone - to decide, someone - to wait. To make sure you want one, total happiness.

AURUM decorates the happy moments of your life.

Ready to buy an engagement ring? We offer a nice bonus - a five percent discount on future engagement rings. The discount will be valid until September 30th.

Wedding in spring, summer or early autumn - choose the date, choose wedding rings in AURUM.


By the way, do you have a plan or a recipe for how to confess your love? How many romantic options are possible! We love hearing the stories of these proposals - funny, exciting, cute and adorable - special for every couple! That is why we offer a competition - "Make the world beautiful - tell your story."


The conditions are as simple as possible:

subscribe to the AURUM page;
like the last five posts;
post with the hashtag #aurum_moments, dedicated to your unique moment of declaration of love. Remind me of this in Stories (on Instagram) or in the comments under the contest post (on Facebook);
Required: don't forget to use the hashtag #aurum_moments and tag our page.


On Valentine's Day, chance will determine three lucky people who will receive rings as a gift.


The prize fund is three silver rings for Instagram winners and two silver rings for Facebook winners. The winner will be chosen randomly on February 14, 2022.


Let your feelings be heard, and only mutual ❤️

Love and be loved! Do not hide your feelings, they must be heard!