Celebration of life: SOVA jewelry house dedicated its New Year collection to Rome
13 12 2021

The new SOVA Rome jewelry collection is a statement of determination. The brand's jewelers dedicated it to Rome, inspired by the spaciousness and grandeur, harmony and peculiarity of the eternal city. Yes, Rome does not accept half measures. It encourages you to be yourself, like the heroine of Fellini's La Dolce Vita at an open-air party - if you want, dance barefoot, if you want - swim in the Trevi Fountain. Rome does not accept doubts, but elevates sincerity and the desire to take everything from life.


Rome is a metaphor for the wildest dreams and desires of wealth, pleasure, passion, fun and eternal beauty. On New Year's Eve, one should not just make them all, but feel them, thanks to SOVA, the image of a goddess worthy of poetic lines and a place in the pantheon.


Jewelry from the new collection is an interpretation of the lines and forms of ancient architecture and the vibrant spirit of modern Rome. Scale, dynamics, clarity that SOVA jewelers have realized in yellow and white gold and diamonds. The collection contains 12 massive, but laconic items: necklaces, rings, bracelets, striking with grandeur and at the same time ease. They inspire to celebrate not only New Year's Eve, but every day of the year, and most importantly, yourself in them.


Real beauty lies in the harmony of external and internal, in the pleasure of accepting one's states and traits. And if Rome has been proving this to humanity for three millennia, then the mission of jewelry from the SOVA collection is to be a personal reminder that the celebration of life is within you.

You can view the collection by following the link.