Balance of unique Ukrainian landscapes and jewelry minimalism from SOVA
27 08 2020

Every year, thousands of tourists buy tickets to the other side of the world to see the migration of flamingos and pelicans on the pink lake in Las Colorados in Mexico, or plan a trip to Canada to take a photo session on the dusty pink lake.

Sometimes we do not notice amazing things that seem to be so close.

SOVA visited a unique place and offer you a different look at the beauty of Ukrainian nature.


Feeling of lightness, ease, salty air and expectation of a warm summer evening. The new SOVA shooting at Cape Berezina of the Lemurian Pink Lake is like a symbol of the outgoing summer.


The rings from the Aquarelle collection with topaz combined with the graceful Easy show perfectly the depth of the lake, which reflects the evening sky.

Sometimes it is difficult to notice where the lake ends and the horizon begins, the perfect balance of nature and man.



Rings from the Twist, Megapolis and Easy collections are perfectly combined with each other and create a single balanced image. Like nature itself around.



A necklace from the Twist collection follows the contours of the moon in the evening sky over Lake Lemuria for a perfect minimalist look.




In order to show the infinity and uniqueness of Ukrainian nature, we have selected the images of the Twist, Megapolis, Power and Easy collections made of white gold in order to create a character that you want to repeat.


The lightness of the last summer days and the unique landscapes of the Kherson region are perfectly combined with jewelry minimalism from SOVA. Ukraine is so amazing, let's get to know it together.

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