Trade-in - time to upgrade. Jewelry exchange: old for new.
26 04 2023

Jewelry exchange is a great opportunity to get new jewelry at no extra cost!

Every woman has a box with jewelry that no longer brings joy: earrings that have gone out of fashion, a torn bracelet, a ring from her grandmother, and maybe even gold crowns. Few people will buy such a thing, but you have the opportunity to exchange the product and get a new desired piece of jewelry.

The process of exchanging old jewelry for new ones.

Exchange of old jewelry for new has become even easier. Terms of exchange are now simpler and more profitable. You can easily get exquisite jewelry of a famous brand with the help of old jewelry.

You can exchange old jewelry for new ones not only in a branded store, but also through a website with delivery to the nearest store.

Ways of exchanging old jewelry for new ones.

To determine the weight and carat weight of the jewelry you plan to exchange, bring it to the AURUM boutique for a professional evaluation by the company's consultants.

Then choose the new jewelry you would like to purchase. The difference in value between old and new products can be paid at the gold rate.

If there is enough metal in your jewelry to exchange, you will not have to pay extra.

How to exchange jewelry through an online store.

If you know the weight and size of your jewelry, you can choose a new one for exchange on the website. We can deliver up to 4 products for fitting to any boutique in our network. And you will already choose the perfect jewelry for yourself or a gift.

To get acquainted with the current gold rate, you can contact the hotline number: 0 800 759 569.

When exchanging old jewelry for new ones, you can take advantage of permanent and additional discounts.

Now you can buy new jewelry of the leading Ukrainian brand at very affordable prices, exchanging damaged and outdated products at the best rate.

Places for exchanging gold products.

AURUM stores are located in different cities of Ukraine. To exchange jewelry, visit any of them or order jewelry on the website with delivery to the nearest branded boutique.

Consultants will help you familiarize yourself with the details, weigh your gold and exchange your old jewelry for a new one.

To get acquainted with the terms of exchange of jewelry, as well as the gold rate, contact the consultants in the stores, use the online chat on the website or call the hotline number: 0 800 759 569.