SOVA x FROLOV: a new collaboration that saves lives
11 02 2023

The SOVA jewelry house and the FROLOV brand presented the continuation of the For Love collaboration for a charitable purpose. The purpose of cooperation is to raise funds for tourniquets to stop critical bleeding for the public organization of paramedics "Hospitaliera".

The jewelry of the collection - rings, cuffs, pendants and necklaces - have the shape of an anatomical heart, the symbol of the FROLOV brand, in various interpretations.

The collaboration includes heart-shaped necklaces and rings in gold and diamonds, minimalist signet rings, statement cuffs and five original pendants in yellow and white gold. The collection is supplemented with basic earrings for stylization of products.

The flagship of the collection is an accent cuff-heart, which perfectly follows the shape of the ear. The jewelry is unisex and created in such a way as not to limit you in the ways of combinations and options of use.

"This is our third collaboration with FROLOV. Every time we try to draw attention to important social topics and fill creative cooperation with deep meaning. Today, it is operational medical assistance in the hot spots of Ukraine, which is so necessary for our military. The collection includes various renderings of the anatomical heart, as if it were a reflection of every Ukrainian who is approaching Victory," says Lyudmila Sova, general director of the SOVA jewelry house.

The special feature of the collection are pendants in various jewelry designs - gold pendants with blue diamonds and yellow sapphires, with a combination of yellow and white gold, with black rhodium plating and ruby inserts. The pendants can be styled both for earrings and with handmade laces made of natural silk, which are made by FROLOV masters.

"The inspiration for our new collaboration with SOVA was the charity initiative FROLOVHEART. Each silver heart is limited and completely covered with enamel by hand. The flagship of this collaboration is a cafe inspired by jewelry from our couture collection, made of white and yellow gold. We are happy that acquiring new physical forms, thanks to SOVA, we continue to help Ukrainians and do everything possible for our Victory.

We are sure that the craftsmen bring something more than beauty to this collection with their handmade work, namely love and faith in the best," says Ivan Frolov, founder of the FROLOV brand.

A silver pendant in the shape of an anatomical heart with different shades of yellow-blue enamel has a charitable mission. The decoration is limited - only 1000 silver hearts were produced, each with a personal number on the back. 100% of the price from the sale of the heart will be transferred to the "Hospitaliers" medical battalion.

"On the battlefield, defenders often die from critical bleeding, which must be stopped promptly. Therefore, tourniquets to stop bleeding are always needed in extremely large volumes," says Iryna Chergava, Tactical Medicine Instructor in the "Hospitaliers" medical battalion.


The presentation of the collaboration with Ivan Frolov (FROLOV) called For Love took place in 2019, and the following year the collection was replenished with new products. For Love is an example of a new format of social responsibility of Ukrainian brands, which aimed to emphasize the topic of safe sex and the fight against AIDS, which is important for society. Thanks to the joint creativity and work of Ivan Frolov, BO "100% Life" and jewelry house SOVA, 3,525 fast ones were purchased.