LOVE YOU: a new Ukrainian brand of jewelry gifts
02 09 2022

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LOVE YOU is a new jewelry concept on the Ukrainian market. The brand positions itself as an expert in the field of jewelry gifts.


The brand pays special attention to romantic symbols - hearts, balloons, infinity signs with a creative design or classic ones, with diamonds or enamel.


The light and relaxed design of the jewelry is embodied in all colors of gold and silver with a variety of jewelry inserts.


LOVE YOU is the first brand in the jewelry segment that has divided its assortment into themed sets in order to make the process of choosing a gift for relatives and friends as easy as possible.


Transforming jewelry can be found in the Create set, jewelry with romantic symbols in the Say Love You set, various signs in the Love Signs set, jewelry with inscriptions and letters in the Love Friends set, gifts for children in Love Baby, silver jewelry Love Silver and seasonal sets for every season. As well as the Love UA set - decorations of free Ukrainians.


An important part of the brand is branded packaging for each client. Small blue box with pink ribbon, card, branded paper and special Amore fragrance.


LOVE YOU jewelry gifts can be selected on the website and ordered online at the nearest company store or at the post office. Of course, you can visit the boutique to plunge into the world of LOVE YOU and choose your perfect jewelry.


Currently, there are 17 locations of the LOVE YOU jewelry gift brand in Ukraine in 7 regions: in Kyiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Lvov, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil and Vinnitsa. Five more temporarily closed stores are waiting to be opened after the Victory.


Brand information.


Love You is a Ukrainian brand of jewelry gifts with its own production in Kyiv. LOVE YOU is an independent sub-brand of the SOVA jewelry house. As of August 2022, the network has 22 stores in 9 regions throughout Ukraine.