Children's party Back to school in Lavina
04 09 2022

In such a difficult time for all of us, children should not forget what joy is. We, together with partners Galaxy amusement park and Akvarel, Librarium and Bob Snail stores, decided to organize an event with gifts for families who, due to the war, were forced to temporarily leave their homes.


In the holiday program:


⚡️ Welcome zone with cotton candy

⚡️ The Paw Patrol Theater on the main stage of the mall near the fountain

⚡️ Drawing of 20 backpacks from Akvarel, 30 certificates from Librarium for 500 UAH, 50 certificates to the Galaxy amusement park and sweets from Bob Snail

⚡️ Photo with your favorite heroes in memory


The event starts at 14:00 near the main stage. We invite everyone to the performance, and to participate in the prize draw, please register in advance:


Join and give a little joy to your kids!