Jewelry evening with Leonid Martynchyk
02 10 2023

Jewelry evening with Leonid Martynchyk: how was the autumn shopping at the SOVA boutique in Lavina Mall.

The SOVA jewelry house organized a special shopping event for customers and friends of the brand in the SOVA boutique in the Lavina shopping center. Ethnographer and fashion expert Leonid Martynchyk became the star jewelry stylist of the evening.

Customers had the opportunity to choose a jewelry look from the lookbook together with Leonid, try on exclusive novelties from SOVA, take joint photos and chat.

The meeting was a great opportunity to update your jewelry capsule. Everyone had the opportunity to try on jewelry from the new CULTURE collection with studs and diamonds. Before the presentation of this collection from SOVA, the jewelry quarter in the Lavina Mall was exclusively decorated with huge Ukrainian-style vytinans.

Star guests and friends of the brand liked jewelry from the CULTURE collection and actively shared photos with new items on social networks. Bloggers and influencers Margarita Khilko, Tetiana Gubenko and ua.lana visited for a special shopping trip. Leonid Martynchyk helped everyone choose a special decoration for their image. Fashion influencer and stylist Tina Sizonova liked the cafe and ring from the For Love collaboration. But the jewelry from the Kalyna collection perfectly matched her festive look that evening.

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