Gadgetpad in Lavina Mall: "Energy of Unity" recharges
27 09 2023

Many iPhones will be raffled off at Lavina Mall throughout the summer — a new initiative within "Energy of Unity" is starting! During the charity event, the shopping and entertainment center cooperates with foundations that collect funds for the protection of the country. Lavina Mall has already held several events in which guests donated to the Markus Foundation, a charitable foundation working for the needs of the 47th Assault Regiment.

The first iPhone giveaway of the summer will take place on June 24, turning Lavina Mall into the epicenter of unity. The general partner of the evening will be iPeople. Cozy speeches, educational lectures, fun entertainment for children and, of course, a chance to win an iPhone, as well as other gifts from the shopping center partners. Anyone who makes a purchase in a shopping and entertainment center for the amount of 1,000 hryvnias or more and registers a check can get a gadget. In addition, each guest will be able to make a donation to the Offensive Fund, which is collecting for the 14th Brigade of the operational mission "Red Viburnum". This is an excellent chance to support the Ukrainian army, bringing Victory closer.

"Energy of Unity" will continue at Lavina Mall until the end of 2023 - come to energetic events, get an emotional charge and help the country. Converting rage into effective help — united, we can do much more. Everyone can help! Before meeting!

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