FOR MOM jewelry collection: your story of tenderness
08 05 2023

For Mother's Day, SOVA will present a capsule collection with mother-of-pearl For Mom. 

The new jewelry collection reflects the precious memories with mom that we keep from childhood. At the heart of the jewelry are four different symbols - a heart, a butterfly, a quatrefoil and a circle as a reflection of the sun.  They seem to have come out of fairy tales that our mother told us in our childhood. The For Mom collection is about tenderness embodied in jewelry details.

SOVA jewelry house created a magical animated story about childhood memories, where a symbolic butterfly flies through Ukrainian landscapes. The warmest moments consist of mom's tender hugs and memories of our childhood places. Memories that fly over the pink lake of the Kherson region, the Carpathian mountains and smell like lavender fields.  After all, the best moments of childhood are with mom.


The collection is made of yellow gold and delicate Pacific mother-of-pearl, which reflects the natural motifs that the jewelers put into the idea of ​​the collection.  The capsule includes 12 pieces of jewelry—earrings, necklaces, and signet rings—that perfectly match each other.