Energy of Unity of the Lavina Mall shopping center and NASTUPU Foundation
01 06 2023

As part of the Energy of Unity shopping center program, the Lavina Mall shopping center and the NASTUPU Foundation are presenting a joint charity event that will last the whole summer.

The fund's activities are aimed at providing modern technical means to advanced units of the NSU located in the hottest points of the front line, strengthening military training, as well as providing for the everyday needs of families of servicemen and promoting the rehabilitation of wounded heroes.

The main purpose of the campaign proposed by the Foundation is to raise funds for the MILES system, which is a set of laser emitters and receivers that help simulate real combat encounters. Thanks to her, our guards improve the level of their tactical training.

The equipment allows you to bring the conditions as close as possible to real combat, practice skills and habits that increase combat effectiveness and reduce personnel losses. According to instructors' estimates, due to training with such equipment, with the dominance of non-professional soldiers, losses in direct combat clashes can be reduced by more than 50%.


The joint action of the NASTUPU fund and Lavina Mall is already the second initiative within the Energy of Unity shopping center program, which was presented on February 26, 2023.

The first successful step of the program was the official handover of the resuscitation vehicle to the Markus Foundation — a charitable foundation that works for the needs of the 47th Assault Regiment. This is the result of the previous promotion that Lavina Mall organized on the occasion of its sixth birthday - then it was possible to collect a million hryvnias.

The expected amount of the fee for the purchase of the MILES system also reaches UAH 1 million

The program plans to:

- three concerts of famous Ukrainian artists, during such concerts visitors will have the opportunity to transfer funds to the fund's details using special QR codes;

- teaching visitors basic principles of tactical medicine;

- familiarization with the main needs of units;

- conducting a lecture on psychological rehabilitation for military families;

- demonstration of the working principles of training systems and much more.






Location: Lavina Mall, Kyiv