Did you miss the best functional children's clothing Reima?
30 05 2020

Did you miss the best functional children's clothing Reima? We have good news!


Since May 30, the doors of our store Reima and are open. So now everything you need for an active summer can be bought with a fitting!


With Midseason Sale and discounts of up to 40% on demi-season and selected winter models, the long-awaited shopping will be even more pleasant.


We care about your safety:

  • Every morning, workers measure the temperature and are allowed to work only without the symptoms of the virus.
  • All Reima consultants have a sufficient amount of protective equipment: masks, gloves, protective shields.
  • Every two hours, the store is disinfected.
  • The temperature of visitors is measured at the entrance to shopping centers.
  • You can get inside only in a mask.


We have missed you so much for these two months, and we promise to smile with our eyes, raise your spirits with the service and pleasantly surprise you with the new summer collection. But we want to remind you that your health and the health of children is our greatest value, so be careful and follow safety rules.