Classic Blue: Stylish 2020 white linen kits
24 12 2019

How many stars in the sky, so many shades of blue should be in the wardrobe of a fashionable woman this year. And all because the shade of the deep sea was chosen as the main color of 2020 according to the reputable Pantone team. It is easy to assemble a collection of luxurious lingerie in the most trendy color of the season when the Chantal store is in touch.


You can find the whole gamut of the ocean abyss in the karlies | dekkers, Chantal Thomass, DIM, Passionata and Chantelle sets.


In the Chantal store there is a whole palette of azure shades - from pale blue to deep blue. The lines of Molitor and Luxembourg by Chantelle and Dame de Paris by marlies | dekkers gather flowering motifs of fabulous night plants, Passionata sets with their elegant prints captivate with playfulness, and the futuristic design of Chantal Thomass gives confidence that conquering the world with its flying gait is just as easy how to snap your fingers to the beat of your favorite song.


Wonderbra sets in blue, the charm of which sets off luxurious lace, resemble a romantic mermaid robe: the stylized peacock feathers here look like mysterious sea shells. Blue can be shy and sexy, energetic and calm: sporty chic, casual or minimalism - you can definitely find your own set and your own blue in the Chantal store.