Born in Ukraine: SOVA celebrates its birthday with gifts for the Ukrainian army
05 06 2022

Born in Ukraine - artists, poems, music, ideas and brands. They are all so different, but united by their freedom, steadfastness, creative vision and pride in their origins.

We, like all Ukrainians, have one common desire - Victory. Celebrating 22 years of the SOVA brand, we will not only wish you the best, but also help you make it happen as soon as possible. In June, we remember the big and small victories of Ukrainians and our brand, and together with you we transfer funds to the army and bring the Victory of Ukraine closer.

From June 1 to June 30, 5% of the sale of each SOVA jewelry will be transferred to one of the 6 charitable organizations and foundations that provide assistance to the Ukrainian army, doctors and families affected by the war. The customer can decide for himself exactly what help the proceeds from the sale will go to, indicating the organization when making the purchase. You can choose between the funds "Come back alive", "Everyone can",, Help Ukraine Center and the medical battalion "Hospitallers", BO "You are not alone" (Charitable Foundation 1 + 1 media).

We are proud of our Motherland and have been celebrating the inspiration of Ukraine for 22 years. Celebrate with us.