30% discount. Color life!

30% discount on decorative cosmetics at BROCARD

Buy makeup hits - experiment with colors and textures. From June 12 to July 9, 2023, a 30% discount awaits you on decorative cosmetics in the BROCARD chain of stores. Color life!

Promotion "Discount 30%". Color life!" valid in BROCARD perfumery and cosmetics stores and BROCARD.UA online store in Ukraine 12.06-09.07.2023. In stationary BROCARD stores, a 30% discount applies to decorative cosmetics, except for products at special prices. During the promotion, other promotions and discounts, including those for discount cards, are not valid. When purchasing using gift cards, the 30% discount applies only when paying the difference between the sale price of the product without the discount and the value of the gift cards. More than two thousand names of goods participate in the promotion. Details of the promotion from consultants.

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