Visit the "TOYS" store
12 04 2024

Friends, great news!


From now on, the "Tsatsky" chain of stores from the Kharkiv jewelry factory is located in Kyiv.

Visit the "TOYS" store in Lavina Mall, because they are already waiting for you:


💍 a wide selection of collections, analogues of which are no longer available in Ukraine;

💍 a huge selection of diamonds and jewelry with diamonds of the highest quality;

💍 jewelry with the brightest, precious, semi-precious stones;

💍 a wide range of silver jewelry made using modern technologies.


Discounts and promotions will surely please you:


Having bought a piece of jewelry from "TOY", any woman of the fairer sex will feel like a queen, will be able to make her image complete, original, bright.


Lavina Mall, entrance 6.

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