SOVA x "Mavka. Forest Song"
17 03 2023

SOVA jewelry house in collaboration with the Ukrainian animated film "Mavka. "Forest Song" created a jewelry collection inspired by the history of the ancient Magical Forest.

Each ornament is decorated with fantasy emerald enamel, which is able to dispel the darkness, because it glows in the dark. The SOVA brand used this technique for the first time to give collaborations a magical sound and reflect the history of the magical Forest. In order for the jewelry to glow brighter, it should be "charged" under sunlight or ultraviolet light.

The collection includes mono-earrings, cuffs, rings, pendants, transformer necklaces and bracelets made in white and yellow gold. The collaboration embodies floral motifs with moving elements that resonate with the plants of the Magic Forest, which sway with the "tongue of the wind." Details in the form of leaves are reproduced both in jewelry and on their fasteners.

The first customers will receive as a gift a silk handkerchief with motifs from the animated film "Mavka. Forest Song".