03 05 2023

In today's culture of quick content and instant popularity, interest in the "long game" has disappeared, but it is precisely this that provides global influence. In the new Slipstream collection, the brand broadcasts the message "Classics forever", passing the baton of creating modern classics to the next generation.

During the 75-year history, PUMA models have become true icons. From the timeless PUMA Suede or T7 Track Suit to the world's first signature basketball shoe, The Clyde. From the everyday lightness of the CA-Pro tennis shoe, which reflects the style of the 80s and 90s, to the Slipstream basketball shoe, first released in the early 80s and re-released several times throughout its history.

The T7 sports suit and the model of sneakers with the same name of the collection became accent models. The T7 debuted in 1968 and has been setting the rules of the game ever since. Today, PUMA reimagines the classic silhouette with new cuts and materials, taking the classic to new heights – for a new generation of game changers. The Slipstream sneaker model was born in the 80s, became famous in the 2000s, and today they have absorbed the key features of the classic basketball silhouette with the help of fresh street motifs and dynamic lines.

The Ukrainian music group TVORCHI, which will represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool, became part of the collection and ambassador of Slipstream. Through its electronic sound, the band broadcasts the collection's main ideology of freedom of self-expression, lack of fear of change and rethinking.

The Slipstream collection is on sale from May 3, 2023 in the chain of PUMA branded stores and partner stores of the brand, as well as on the official website of PUMA Ukraine.

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