PESTO CAFE is a chain of family restaurants of Italian cuisine.
08 02 2022

 Devotion to the family - one of the features of the Italian character.  That's why for us - family, this is the place where someone is always waiting for you, where everyone are happy to see you, where you feel comfortable.  The main focus is on coziness and comfort for the whole family, and especially - for small guests: separate playrooms for children of all ages and rooms for moms and kids, children's menu, special birthdays for children.

Pesto Café menu features signature Italian dishes: bruschettas, salads, risottos, ravioli, pasta and fragrant Italian pizza.


 High quality in everything.  Quality of cuisine, service, comfort.  Each guest is the most desirable, the most valuable.  The most important thing: to create comfort and coziness for the family, to pay special attention to children!  Everything we do, we do with pleasure for you!

 Pesto Café-happiness to eat together!

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